7th ENEA Virtual Workshop, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 10-11 December 2021

Friday, 10 December 2021
09:20-09:30 Workshop opening I. Shimon (Israel), D. Kastelan (Croatia)  
09:30-10:45 Chair: M. Toth (Hungary), K. Alexandraki (Greece)  

Session 1: Diagnosis and subtyping of Cushing’s syndrome

  • Clinical presentation and etiology of Cushing’s syndrome– data from ERCUSYN – E. Valassi (Spain)
  • Diagnostic workup for Cushing’s syndrome – S. Tsagarakis (Greece)
  • Novel imaging modalities in Cushing’s disease – M. Gurnell (UK)
10:45-10:55 Coffee break  
10:55-11:45 Chair: N. Biermasz (Netherlands), R. Luque (Spain)  

Session 2: Basic science/Molecular aspects of CS

  • Genetics of Cushing’s disease – M. Theodoropoulou (Germany)
  • Genetic and molecular causes of adrenocortical hyperplasia – G. Assié (France)
11:45-12:25 Chair: I. Shimon (Israel), A. Isidori (Italy)
  DEBATE 1:  Should IPSS be performed in patients with ACTH dependant CS? PRO and CON – J. Newell-Price (UK) / A. Tabarin (France)  
12:25-12:35 Coffee break  
12:35-14:15 Chair: Lj. Marina (Serbia), P. Petrossians (Belgium)  

Session 3: Comorbidities in patients with glucocorticoid excess

  • Metabolic side effects of glucocorticoids – M. Korbonits (UK)
  • Long-term consequences of cortisol excess on the brain – A. Pereira (Netherlands)
  • Cardiovascular complications of Cushing’s syndrome – R. Clayton (UK)
  • Bone complications of Cushing’s syndrome – N. Gittoes (UK)
  • Coagulation abnormalities in Cushing’s syndrome – R. Feelders (Netherlands)
14:15-15:00 Lunch break  
15:00-16:00 Chair: C.N. Olarescu (Norway), L.P. Rivas (Germany)  

ENEA Young Investigator Symposium

  • USP8 mutations in corticotroph tumors: clinical-biochemical features and pharmacological implications – A. Albani (Germany) 
  • Molecular mechanisms involved in somatostatin receptors regulation in corticotroph tumors: the role of cytoskeleton and USP8 mutations – E. Peverelli (Italy)
  • Mapping the transcriptomic and epigenetic landscapes of corticotrophs and precursors at single nucleus resolution – Frederique Ruf-Zamojski (USA)
16:00-16:45 Chair: I. Shimon (Israel), M.C. Zatelli (Italy)  
  Rolf Gaillard Prize Lecture
Fate of corticotroph cells from development to tumorigenesis – J. Drouin (Canada)

Industry symposium – Recordati Rare Diseases

  •  Welcome and introduction – M. Reincke (Germany)
  • The treatment landscape: How far have we come? – M. Fleseriu (USA)
  • What’s what in the management of Cushing’s syndrome?  A multidisciplinary discussion – Presenter: R. Feelders (Netherlands) / Panel: All faculty
  • How should we approach dose titration? A guided discussion – Presenter: M. Reincke (Germany) / Panel: M. Fleseriu (USA) & R. Feelders (Netherlands)
  • Summary – M. Reincke (Germany) 
  • Live Q&A and close – Moderator: M. Reincke (Germany) / Panel: All faculty
Saturday, 11 December 2021
08:30-10:10 Chair: N. Karavitaki (UK), T. Kocjan (Slovenia)
08:30-08:55 Meet-the-expert: Pitfalls in the testing and diagnosis of Cushing’s syndrome – P. Trainer (UK)
08:55-09:20 Meet-the-expert: Pituitary vs ectopic ACTH secretion – diagnostic challenges – A.Grossman (UK)
09:20-09:45 Meet-the-expert: Challenges in neuroimaging of Cushing’s disease – J.F. Bonneville (Belgium)
09:45-10:10 Joint discussion following meet-the-expert sessions – P. Trainer (UK), A.Grossman (UK), J.F. Bonneville (Belgium)
10:10-11:25 Chair: G. Stalla (Germany), M. Solak (Croatia)

Session 4: Treatment modalities in Cushing’s disease

  • Surgery and perioperative management of patients with Cushing’s disease – J. Honegger (Germany)
  • Medical management of Cushing’s disease – when and how? – F. Castinetti (France)
  • Role of radiosurgery in treatment of Cushing’s disease – M. Losa (Italy)
11:25-11:35 Coffee break
11:35-12:15 Chair: M. Pfeifer (Slovenia), M.C. Zatelli (Italy)
DEBATE 2:  Bilateral adrenalectomy versus medical therapy for treatment of Cushing’s disease after unsuccessful pituitary surgery(ies) – A.Grossman (UK) / M. Gurnell (UK)
12:15-13:15 Chair: G. Trivellin (Italy), K. Zibar Tomsic (Croatia)

ENEA Young Investigator Oral Presentations

  • Studies on glucocorticoid receptor regulated genes as biomarkers of glucocorticoid bioavailability – J. Simon (Germany)
  • Characterization of adrenal miRNA based dysregulations in Cushing’s syndrome – S. Vetrivel (Germany)
  • Integrative clinical, biochemical, and molecular analysis for predicting evolution and curation in patients with Cushing’s disease – A. C. Fuentes-Fayos (Spain)
  • Determination of Cushing’s syndrome chronotype with the Munich chronotype questionnaire and actigraphy – M. Mazari (Germany)
  • Brown fat somatostatin receptor expression but not FDG activity is alerted in patients with ACTH-dependent Cushing’s syndrome – S. N. Sendur (Turkey)
13:15-14:05 Chair: A Beckers (Belgium), I. Kraljevic (Croatia)

Session 5: Treatment challenges

  • Aggressive corticotroph tumors – G. Raverot (France)
  • Diagnosis and management of Cushing’s syndrome in pregnancy – N. Karavitaki (UK)
14:05-15:00 Lunch break
15:00-16:15 Chair: D. Miljic (Serbia), M. Gahete (Spain)

Session 6: Long term consequences of CS

  • Long term morbidity and mortality in patients with Cushing’s syndrome – M.Reincke (Germany)
  • Long term follow-up and predictors of recurrence of Cushing’s disease – J. Bertherat (France)
  • Recovery of HPA axis after surgery for Cushing’s syndrome – T. Dusek (Croatia)
16:15-17:45 Industry symposium – HRA Pharma Rare Diseases

  • Welcome and introduction – Open symposium, review objectives, introduce faculty – J. Newell-Price (UK)
  • Maintaining the biological rhythm: Why is it essential? – E. Valassi (Spain)
  • Real-world cadence: Exploring the circadian rhythm in Cushing’s syndrome – F. Ceccato (Italy)
  • Normalising cortisol levels: Findings from the PROMPT study – M. Reincke (Germany)
  • Q&A and discussion – All faculty, led by J. Newell-Price (UK)
17:45–18:00 Best Poster Award and closing of the Workshop I. Shimon (Israel), D. Kastelan (Croatia), G. Raverot (France)